Meet Our High-Quality, Loyal Pomsky Puppies

King Bandit, Prince Bear and Queen Bella are our 3 royal pups from different parts of the US. Our dogs have a large fenced-in yard to run and play all day and they get leash walked at least twice a day. They are loved and cuddled from day one to make them feel secure and loved. All our pups are socialized with young children, other dogs, and many visitors to ensure that they grow into well-rounded dogs.

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Thunder Stella
A dog with a blue eye sitting on the floor.

Prince Bear – The Duke of Tolland County

Bear comes to us from Utah. He is a friendly, kind, smart, disciplined pup who loves to please! He loves treats, puzzles, playing fetch, walks, and running and jumping with his friends. He always looks forward to visitors and when everyone comes home from work! He likes sleeping on the pillows and hanging out with my older labs. Bear has a gorgeous, thick, wooly rare blue coat that is very soft. He has retired from our breeding program due to health reasons.


Prince Thunder – Duke of Stafford

Thunder comes to us from Oklahoma.  He has a Wolf Sable coat which is very fluffy and has amazing blue eyes.  Thankfully he loves to be groomed.  He Just lays on his back and lets me blow dry him and brush him or trim his nails.  He’s a friendly little guy and loves everyone and everyone loves him and wants to take him home.  He loves to play in the snow, go on walks and chew on any kind of toy he finds.  Thunder has been retired from our breeding program due to health reasons.

A woman sitting in an arm chair with two dogs.

About Me

I am Anne-Marie McKinney, the Caretaker of the CT Pomsky Palace. As a teenager I loved dogs! My coworker would travel to dog shows each weekend and I would house sit for her and groom dogs all weekend. She had Afghan Hounds. We whelped many litters together, always during the middle of the night! Later in life I fell in love with Labrador retrievers. I have since then owned 5 and bred my own. As I am getting older, I have moved on to a smaller breed – the Pomsky! Always wanting to have a blue-eyed Husky, this is a wonderful option! You get the Husky look and the smaller more manageable size. In 2023 we will have our first litter! I can’t even imagine how I will ever part with these amazing little creatures!

A dog sitting on top of a chair.

King Bandit

Bandit comes to us from Oklahoma. He has a rare blue coat and piercing blue eyes. He lives up to his name, stealing everyone’s toys right out of their mouths. He lies on his back and holds whatever he is chewing on in between his paws. When I come home, he wraps his paws around my arm and tells me what I missed while I was gone. He is very animated, and he loves to play tug of war on his walks with his leash; he loves to chew on his Benebones and antlers. Any new stuffed toy loses a limb by nightfall. He likes to sleep on his back when he naps and sleeps on my feet at night. He loves to run and jump and play. He likes climbing on our rock wall and observing his surroundings. During the summer, he likes to take a quick dip in the pool every morning while I get his breakfast ready. He loves his Queen very much and doesn’t like to be separated from her!

A black and white dog sitting in the grass.

Queen Bella

Bella comes to us from Iowa.  She has such a soft and fluffy beautiful fur coat and gorgeous blue eyes.  You can lose track of time just sitting there petting her.  Such great therapy after a long, hard day!  She loves her belly rubbed, squeak toys, eating or hiding her treats for later, playing fetch, long walks and snuggling.  She is very affectionate and loving and has a big personality.  She likes to sleep under the bed.  During the day she always hides somewhere to curl up and take a nap.  She is definitely Queen of the Pack and keeps the boys in their place!  She loves swimming in the pool and in the winter, she loves napping on the pool cover or in a snow bank.


Princess Stella

Bred and born right here at our Palace by our King and Queen.  Stella has a very husky look and personality, gorgeous blue eyes, and an easy to manage coat.  She is very opinionated and likes to talk.  She can jump very high and often jumps the fence to wander the property when something catches her eye.  She loves to swim and is the first in the pool all summer long at 6 am, she is very much a daddy’s girl and loves to play and wrestle with him.  She loves to play in the snow and it is a challenge to get her inside sometimes.